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We have been looking at our preliminary data, and if everything continues to proceed as it has, we could be finishing up the first part of this project by the middle to end of July (knock on wood).  Our biggest task is to continue to keep up with histology, but organizationally, the project has been going very well.

If you are interested in the project, the page “Developing Research” link on the right side of the blog will take you to a page with an abstract, proposal introduction, and a working outline for my introduction.


New Post and Recap of Trip to NE

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We have continued to move forward with our project.  Our data is looking promising and we have been keeping busy.  Next week, we need to continue to catch up on histology, clean equipment, and I need to continue to work on my introduction.  My abstract for the project should be posted soon on my developing research page.

Last Thursday, several of the U. Discover students took a trip with Dr. Robinson to Ashfall Fossil Beds near Royal, NE.  It was very interesting.  I enjoyed seeing the different species of animals present in this area millions of years ago.  And, I enjoyed the short break from research.


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We are making good progress with our project.  This week I will be continuing to work on histology, preparing for surgeries, and working on the introduction of my honors thesis/publication.  On Thursday, I will be traveling on the U. Discover trip to the Ashfall Fossil beds in Nebraska.  It should be an interesting trip.

New Week

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This week is catch up week for histology.  The first part of the week is lighter, so we should have the time to catch up.  Also, we’ll have to prepare for surgeries for the end of the week.  Finally, we are planning to analyze our data from the past two weeks.


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This past week, we focused on histology and infusions.  So far, our coordinates have been working relatively well.  Next week, we will have more time to work to finish all pending histology and begin to interoperate preliminary data.

First Post

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This week, I am hoping to get caught up on my histology and make sure the coordinates we are using are correct.  I hope to be posting a couple times a week.