Good week

Good news!  I will have CRF2 data to present at the poster session next week.  This week I will be finalizing my poster and having it printed, continuing work on the experiment, and preparing everything before I leave town mid next week.  I have posted the last portion of my working essay on the ‘developing research’ page, and I am looking forward to the presentations tomorrow.


~ by usdneuro on July 20, 2009.

3 Responses to “Good week”

  1. Hey Adam, it’s good to hear that you have your CRF2 data for the poster session! Good luck with the waning days of the program!

  2. Adam,

    That’s exciting that you will have CRF2 data ready for the poster session! Was that the data that you only had 5 or 6 entries on during your presentation last week? I’m curious, how many specimens or rats do you have to document before your research is considered valid? (I apologize for my poor wording, but I hope you know what I mean!)
    I look forward to your poster!


  3. So, do we get a sneak peek at what the CRF2 data is showing for results?

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